Modern and Creative Fireplace Designs

May 16, 2010 by raven  
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Modern fireplaces and creative fireplace designs from all over the world.

Zeta Fireplace

Designed by John Dimopoulos, stylish and striking, the EcoSmart Zeta fireplace is nothing if not original. [link]

Pyramid Fireplace

The Starline Fire pyramid collection for an ultra modern home. [link]

Vauni Globe Fireplace

More than just a fireplace. It’s like a sculpture even when unlit. [link]

UNI FLAME Fireplace

Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to spend pleasant evenings in the garden watching real flames. [link]

Glass Fireplace

This stunning Glass Fireplace by Bloch-Design lets the natural, vivid beauty of fire take centre stage. [link]

Greed For Quiet Fireplace

Greed For Quiet is a fire pit and furniture all in one. The fire pit sits in a self enclosed unit surrounded by wood planks supporting 5 chairs. [link]

Gaya Fireplace

Wall mounted fireplace that kind of looks like fire is escaping through a cut in the wall. [link]

Cube Fireplace

Cleverly designed, square-shaped fireplace that will complement a variety of interiors, including apartments, houses, or commercial premises such as offices, bars and restaurants. It’s an ideal solution for smaller spaces. [link]

Icoya Fireplace

Contemporary fireplace with artistic heart shaped design. [link]

Fireplaces by Anne Colombo [link]

Igloo Fireplace

The EcoSmart Igloo is designed with a futuristic appeal to enhance any contemporary décor. [link]

Table Top Fireplace

Beautiful miniature fireplace designed by Carl Mertens. [link]