Concept Cell Phone Designs

May 14, 2010 by raven  
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This post features a collection of creative concept cell phone designs, created by talented designers from around the world.

Ply Cell Phone Concept

Ply’s name is taken from the design of multilayered plywood, and each layer has its own very distinct function, ranging from a photo printer to game controller to mini digital projector. [link]

Leaf Cell Phone Concept

Leaf has a unique natural design reminiscent of a leaf in spring. The eco plastics provide sensational haptics and substantial convenience. The invisible OLED display is embedded in a translucent lens encasement, giving the phone a futuristic touch. [link]

Maple Cell Phone Concept

Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee created a camera phone concept covered in thin wooden film, with touch sensitive buttons that light up through the housing when you touch the phone. [link]

Sky Cell Phone Concept

“Sleek & Slim” concept phone with luminous blue touchpad. [link]

LINC “Green” Cell Phone Concept

LINC (The Lifecycle Concept Phone) is a typical touch screen smart phone with all the connectivity and features you come to expect. Its got a cell phone, a media player, a web browser, GPS, downloadable content, Bluetooth, wifi, the latest 3G network. But here’s the catch.

LINC is leased to the user as a service, not a product. The user holds on to the device for about a year, and when the next generation of hardware comes along, the user receives a new LINC in the mail. The LINCs inform the user of their hardware upgrade, wirelessly transfer the digital account, and before being shipped back to the manufacturer, LINC informs the user of the next part of its journey. [link]

The Scroll Cell Phone Concept

This concept cell phone comes with multimedia player, Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in camera/camcorder, computer functions, Bluetooth and e-paper display to deliver high-end functions.

The Scroll would use Windows XP or Vista as the operating system and would allow the user to capture 10MP pictures or use the 1080p camcorder function. [link]

Bend Cell Phone Concept

Why bother with one screen when you can have two for probably double the price? Designer Andy Kurovets presents his “Bend Mobile” concept. He thinks turning on a device and having it grow to nearly double its size will really be attractive to some people. [link]

Nokia 888 Cell Phone Concept

Created by Tamer Nakisci, a Turkish student, for the Nokia Benelux Open Design Awards, this phone offers a malleable interface that can be bent, twisted and wrapped into different shapes like a wristband. [link]

While you wait for these cool cell phone concept designs to be turned into actual products, check out some iPhone accessories.

Futuristic Cell Phone Concepts

May 11, 2010 by raven  
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Collection of the most creative and interesting cell phone concepts designed by talented people from all over the globe.

Weather Cell Phone Concept

Beautiful cell phone concept design by Seunghan Song accurately detects and illustrates present weather conditions. [link]

Mobile Script Cell Phone Concept

Designed by Aleksander Mukomelov, this cell phone comes with a large touchscreen, that is located inside the phone in the collapsed state. [link]

Projector Cell Phone Concept

Cool extra slim concept cell phone equipped with rotating screen with built-in projector; an ideal tool for field presentations. [link]

Alarm Clock Cell Phone Concept

Sony Ericsson WakeUpPhone looks and functions like an alarm clock that will wake you up in the morning. [link]

Pen Cell Phone Concept

Target-shaped areas on top and bottom are earpiece and receiver. [link]

Edge Cell Phone Concept

Designed by Chris Owens, the transparent touchscreen keypad is edge lit by internal LED’s. [link]

Grass Cell Phone Concept

Designed to last only for the length of its functional life cycle, this green phone falls apart for easy recycling after two years are up. [link]

Mechanical Cell Phone Concept

Cell phone designed by Mikhail Stawsky will charge its battery when you spin it around your finger. [link]

Flexible Cell Phone Concept

Beautiful wrist concept cell phone designed by Shirley A. Roberts. [link]

Ear Cell Phone Concept

Kambala is a cool mobile phone that transforms into an earpiece. [link]